X-Gamer Sunnis Favorite Bundle

491.80 kr

X-Gamer Sunnis Favorit Bundle is the perfect place to start your X-Gamer experience, as well as being a quality top-up for the existing veteran. Included is a shaker, Sakurafuri tub and 3 packs of xcorn. We’re here to help you take the edge! Welcome to the XG Team!


X-Gamer 5.0 X-Mixr Sunni

volume: 500 ml
weight: 84g empty
Length: 20 cm
Diameter: 7 cm

X-Gamer X-Corn 3x100g Salted Caramel

X-Gamer Energy’s newest addition to their product line brings GMO, gluten, and allergen free popcorn.

Our delicious salted caramel flavor is sure to give any sweet-tooth their quick and crunchy fix!

X-Tubz Sakurafuri (600g / 60 servings)

Power to victory with a 600g focus & energy pro tub in the delicious Sakurafuri flavour by X-Gamer. Our best ever formula combined with incredible new taste is an advanced, innovative and powerful energising drink, formulated exclusively for esports, semi-professional & enthusiast gamers. X-Gamer also contains a 27 Multi-Vitamin Complex to help shield your body, Nootropic Amino's to sharpen the mind and with no sugar, contains only 31 K-cals per 500ml serving.